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Sugar sheets A4*

Gross packaged weight: 1.5kg

Packaged dimensions: 46 x 240 x 388mm

The Culpitt range offers high quality Sugar Fondant sheets and edible ink cartridges for you to use with a PhotoCake® printer.

Our Sheets have a consistent thickness, that is essential for use in PhotoCake® machines, and this is why we supply so many of Europe's leading Photo Sheet users. Measures 297 x 210 mm. 20 sheets per box. *Recommended for Canon Pixmar IP300, IP4000 & IP5000

Using PhotoCake sheets and/or edible inks in your printer may invalidate the warranty offered by the manufacturer. No products sold by Culpitt Ltd are in any way associated or endorsed by printer manufacturers. Culpitt Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the use of PhotoCake sheets and/or edible inks in your printer.